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 Wayton U,

WOW!!! God is good—All the time!  What started out as a homeschool project to teach our children the value of hard work, education, and giving back to the community has, by community request; expanded beyond what we could ever dream. 

My wife (Emily) and I are both veterans of the Army.  Emily was a Military Intelligence Officer and I was in the Supply Field, and at retirement; a First Sergeant in Recruiting.  These leadership skills and education that we have acquired over the years, along with God’s guidance has taught us how to lead our children to be hardworking members of society.  Emily has a Bachelors of Science in Sociology with an emphasis on Group Behavior.  I have an Automotive Service Tech degree, a Bachelors in Management and a Masters degree in Education Technology. Our parents taught us the skills that they acquired in the areas of building construction, automotive repair, homesteading basics and data-entry skills.  We have used these as building blocks to continue teaching the next generation.  One of our goals is to continue to learn, mentor and lead others; in the hope that they find God’s joy and fulfillment in pursuing the desires of their heart.  A skill learned is a fear removed. 

Over the last four and a half years our children have helped to build up the Mountain Heir Homestead and assisted the community with numerous chores; from lawncare and personal errands, to building projects and food production.  We are so incredibly proud of our children and their efforts at strengthening their community.  We, as parents, want to thank everyone for all the praises and well wishes you continue to give our kids. 

We continue to receive calls asking, “What’s for dinner?”  WE ARE COMING BACK WITH GOD’S HELP.  As a family, we have been praying for our next step on God’s path.  We have a vision for the sustainment and growth of this community, the extent of which is dependent on you.  It took more than Nehemiah to fulfill God’s assignment of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.  It took the community.  They were not builders but they built.  They came from all different backgrounds and occupations.  Leaders in the community, Farmers, Perfume manufactures, Priest, Servants, Goldsmiths, sons and daughters all rebuilt the wall; with the help of each other and God.  With that said, please pray for us as we begin this new vision for our community. 

God has richly blessed us throughout our life with skills and equipment to ease the struggle of life.   We believe that it is our duty to pass God’s Grace and Wisdom to others.  In an effort, to better our community and ease the personal struggle; we would like to share the blessing that God has given us.  We will be starting a Wayton on You University, so to speak.  We will make available a location and equipment, as well as instruction, to learn new skills, practice old skills, teach others to carry on traditions and skills that are being forgotten; and learn new technology and advancements.  The hope is to teach skills, provide job opportunities, and keep income and services within our community.  We currently are working on an Automotive Shop, Sawmill, Art Studio, Agriculture and Livestock Area that includes cattle, swine, poultry, rabbits; a General Store with Butcher Shop and Meat Processing, Milk Processing, Cooking and Baking, Food Packaging and Storage Area (Freeze Dry, Dehydrate, Canning, Freezing), a Snack Shack to provide hot meals for workers, General Construction and building Area including; Electricity, Plumbing, Alternative Energy and Fuels, Fabric and Fiber Arts Area (Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Dying) Leather and Metal Arts Studio (small or large scale), and although we always enjoy work; several entertainment areas inside and out including billards and darts, horseshoes, huge selection of puzzles and board games and a playground area for kids.  We are currently organizing and setting up the equipment for each area, while we are waiting for additional equipment to be delivered.  If you would like to help or are interested in teaching, learning or earning, give us a call.  We’ll keep you posted on the opening of the Snack Shack and Wayton U,  meanwhile; equipment is available and help is welcome.

Come to Wayton, AR and visit the “Higher Hand” Snack Shack! The food is great and the prices are right. The food is homemade and fresh daily. The Snack Shack is an Educational / Training Project for our children. They have worked hard to build and plan this display of the “American Way”, ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Hours of Operation are Thursday- Sunday 12 pm – 8 pm. Closed Monday-Wednesday.

12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
12:00 pm – 8:00 pm



Lunch/ Dinner


Higher Hand has Great Food!!


Small: $1.00
Large: $1.50

Sweet or Unsweet Iced Tea
Small: $1.00 Large: $1.50

Hot Tea: Passion Fruit, Green tea and Ginger, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Darjeening, Cinnamon, Peppermint

Please Come and enjoy great food.

Dear Everyone who supported the Higher Hand Snack Shack,

Thank you.  We are learning so much about how to run a business; from preparing the food, to rushing around trying to package six orders at once.  This week and next we will be learning about business, advertising and marketing.  We will be creating our own labeling and packaging for various snack items.  We will also have a variety of bread, candy, and snacks, available for purchase.  We hope you will come and enjoy our delicious homemade food. We want to know what you want for your community, so please stop in and let us know, or comment on our website.  Duke has been busy planning and preparing his meat processing station, and God willing it will be up and running soon. 

Thank you all so much.

                               Higher Hand Snack Shack

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  1. have driven by and wondered “what was going on” now I know, Hope to be a future customer. Good luck and best wishes in your endevor

  2. Hey there! It’s B Williams, I’ll take a bag each of caramels, Chocolate Truffles and Toffee. When do I need to pick them up?

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